Bathroom Yuba selection skills, what is the bathroom fixture?

2017-12-11 Luensha

When the bathroom is renovated, many users will install the Yuba, so that even in the cold winter, the bath has a warmer comfort. Then, how to choose the bathroom Yuba, what kind of bathroom should be installed? Let's take a look at the LUENSHA kitchen and bathroom appliances:


First, the bathroom Yuba free choice tips
1, according to the bathroom space
bathroom area is small, then the water mist will be more, in the choice of Yuba free choice of ventilation performance Poor Yuba, if it is a fairly large bathroom, then you can freely choose the bathroom with a strong suction bath. If it is an old-fashioned bathroom, then the first thing to consider is whether there is a socket to connect to Yuba.
2, according to materials and processes
First of all, we must look at the surface material of Yuba, in the end use stainless steel, painted parts, plastic parts, glass enamel, plating parts plating as surface materials, and secondly, the surface technology is Paint stripping, dents, scratches. Should be free to choose the bathroom Yuba with formal instructions and invoices.
3, poorly decorated Yuba
Yuba is mostly decorated in the ceiling position, many people will ignore the aesthetics, but the new bathroom Yuba has a lot of changes in thickness, shape, color, style It is also more modern, and the decorative effect is the best. Users can choose according to their own hobbies.
Second, the bathroom installed what bath is good
1, four-in-one cycle heating Yuba.
Four-in-one main subset of heating, lighting, ventilation, air blowing in one, the room temperature changes quickly, high thermal efficiency. It is necessary to form a convective wind in the room, always keep it, cycle heating, and also slowly eliminate the mist of the bathroom.
2, negative ion purification function Yuba
In the process of use, need to play the role of purification space, is a multi-functional Yuba, need a subset of wind, warm, light, ventilation, Hair dryer, negative ion multi-function Yuba.
3, three-in-one affordable Yuba
The main functions are heating, lighting, ventilation in one, the price is more affordable, suitable for low-end decoration of the room type, which heating and exhausting effect is also better of.
4, intelligent automatic five-in-one bath tyrant
five-in-one sub-heating, lighting, ventilation, air blowing, wind guiding in one of the Yuba, added a short circuit protector in the built-in line, to achieve a certain When the heat is off, the power will be automatically cut off, and the shape will be more beautiful.
The bathroom is installed in the bathroom, not only to ensure that the wash in the warm space in winter, but also to give the bathroom a more decorative. The above information about the free choice of bathroom Yuba and the bathroom bath installed, you can log on to the LUENSHA website to learn: