LUENSA kitchen and bathroom maintenance tips

2019-04-10 Luensha
LUENSA kitchen and bathroom appliances maintenance tips: Let's take a look at the spring kitchen and bathroom appliances maintenance method:

01, gas water heater maintenance < /strong>
Frequently check the gas pipeline
for aging, cracking, damage, etc.
Once found, it must be handled in time.
At the same time, clean the water filter of the cold water inlet. If the water filter is blocked, the water heater will not work properly.

02 Electric water heater maintenance
When the water heater is in normal use, replace the thermostat and heater every three years at the designated service point.
When the amount of water in the shower is reduced, it is necessary to clean up the clogged debris in time.
Do not replace the parts on the water heater by yourself.

03 Range hood maintenance
The range hood should be washed as little as possible as long as the oil is dredged.
If you need to clean it, you need to operate it professionally
Do not use Damp rags and slipping agents to wipe the hood switch
If the switch is slow and slow, it will burn out the motor.