What should I pay attention to when purchasing LUENSA kitchen and bathroom appliances?

2019-04-10 Luensha

1. Pay attention to the related products.
The kitchen appliances in the kitchen are made up of various types of household appliances. These appliances need to be consistent in overall style. Need to consider professional issues such as capacitance;
2, electrical appliances should be coordinated with the kitchen environment The orientation, area, water supply, and power supply lines of the kitchen must match the kitchen and bathroom appliances. Pre-purchase design is an important part. The installation of kitchen and bathroom appliances will directly affect the use. For example, the orientation of the room has special requirements for the installation of the range hood;
3. Pay attention to whether the services are guaranteed, and the kitchen and toilet appliances generally need to be designed in advance. , the middle of the installation, the later maintenance, so consumers must buy when they buy a service-guaranteed enterprise;
4, pay attention to not cheaper, the better some low-priced products will have certain hidden dangers. Because low-priced products often achieve a balance of profits by weakening the after-sales service. After purchasing these products, if the consumer encounters a problem, the after-sales contribution will be close to or even exceed the value of the purchased product, which is not worth the loss.