Don't buy these 3 kinds of electrical appliances in the kitchen. You will know how many pits yo

2018-12-04 Luensha

Now, domestic prices are very high. Most people will feel very happy after buying a house. After all, it is a very happy thing to have a house in a city. But after buying a house, there is still one. A very important thing is to decorate and decorate the house. There are many details to be aware of when decorating the house. The same is true when buying furniture and appliances. Some appliances look good but not useful. Everyone should avoid it. open. The kitchen should not buy these three kinds of electrical appliances anymore. It is not practical to stay in the house. I really regret not hearing it earlier.


If you want to buy electrical appliances before, the range of choice is very narrow. However, with the development of technology and the improvement of people's living standards, the home appliance industry has developed. Now, if you want to buy electrical appliances, the range of choice is very Big, this time you have to polish your eyes.
The kitchen is the place we use for cooking. Appliances are also essential. When choosing kitchen appliances, pay special attention. Some people want to liberate their hands because they don’t want to wash their dishes. Put the bowl on the house so you don't need to use your own hands. However, it is very inconvenient to use the dishwasher. The dishes should be cleaned in the dishwasher. The speed is very slow. The oil on the surface of the tableware is also difficult to clean. Sometimes it is necessary to clean it twice. Very wasteful of water and electricity and time, but also not clean.
Nowadays people are paying more and more attention to health. They are also very important for health. Because the current water pollution is very serious, many people will worry about water safety and will install a water purifier at home, although The water can play a role in water purification, but also pay attention to it. If you buy a water purifier, you will have a clean water effect. If you buy a water purifier that is inferior, it will not protect our health, but it may also cause two. Secondary pollution.
Previous disinfection was done with boiling water. Now many people will buy a disinfection cabinet for home use in order to achieve better results, but the disinfection cabinet is very troublesome to use. After the water has dried up, put them in the disinfection cabinet, which is a waste of time, otherwise the disinfection cabinet will easily break down.