The details of installing the electrical appliances in the bathroom should not be taken lightly, oth

2019-02-01 Luensha

Due to its damp environment, the bathroom will require more electrical protection than other areas. There are many other requirements. Don’t underestimate these, you may accidentally Neglected, resulting in a decline in the service life and safety of electrical appliances. The following is a detailed explanation from the bathroom electrical appliances in the small series of LUENSHA kitchen and bathroom appliances.


First, waterproof
Bathroom space often has water, electrical appliances must be waterproof, even the socket panel can not be discharged; the socket panel is best installed with splash-proof box Or plastic baffles, to a large extent, can effectively prevent the intrusion of water vapor, which leads to short circuit.
Second, safety
Larger and heavier appliances such as Yuba or large lamps are not recommended to be installed on the ceiling. In case of insufficient weight, it is dangerous; unless Reinforced on the ceiling.
For families with children, try to use a safety socket with insurance cover and leakage protection to prevent children from touching with fingers or accidentally rubbing into the jack with metal objects. For electrical equipment with high power, the socket should be set up independently. Try not to use the same socket for multiple appliances.
The above precautions should be paid attention to when installing the bathroom appliances. Don't be sloppy, accidentally prone to safety accidents. Of course, besides the need to pay attention to the installation, you should also be careful when purchasing.
The performance of electrical equipment will also have a great impact on the safety of bathroom space. These electrical equipment should be used frequently. When buying, you must not be cheap and bury your hidden dangers.
The bathroom is relatively humid, and the appliance is often exposed to a humid environment. The interior of the appliance is prone to qualitative changes, causing metal rust or severe short circuit.
Therefore, the switches and lights in the bathroom should be waterproof. The waterproof structure and the internal structure of the lamp are much safer.