How to buy kitchen appliances correctly?

2018-07-10 Luensha

The dazzling array of kitchen and bathroom appliances has made many families dazzled in their choices. So how do we properly purchase home kitchen appliances? The following LUENSHA kitchen and bathroom appliances editors give you a detailed introduction to the types of kitchen and bathroom appliances, how to properly purchase electrical appliances.


What are the types of kitchen and bathroom appliances?
1, food preparation class
Common food kitchen appliances include: egg beater, meat grinder, vegetable washing machine, can opener, blender, slicing knife, etc.;
2 , food production class
Common food production categories are: yogurt generator, juicer, ice planer, popcorn, etc.;
3, food cooking class
food cooking is daily life The most frequently seen, including electric stove, steam oven, microwave oven, steam oven, induction cooker, rice cooker, electric oven, electric steamer, electric fryer, electric hot pot, electric cooker, electric lunch box, electric pressure cooker, sandwich Oven, electric baking pan, electric wok, steamed egg, barbecue, electric coffee, electric grill, etc.;
4, kitchen hygiene
kitchen sanitary electric water heater, tableware drying oven, garbage Presser, food residue processor, range hood, gas stove, disinfection cabinet, electric water heater, water purifier, magnetic water heater, electric kettle, UV sterilizer, etc.
How to buy electric appliances correctly?
1, the appearance of
A product is the most intuitive is its appearance, is also an important factor when consumers choose to buy, we must consider its color, material, cleaning difficulty, to Practical and easy to wash as a principle.
2, the brand aspect
The influence of the brand on the market has a great choice for customers. Most people will choose to buy the kitchen and bathroom appliances with great brand awareness, and the quality and after-sales protection of the big brands are also More reliable and reliable, not cheap in terms of price
3, performance aspects
As a kitchen appliance, performance is the most important. Products that are not in use are naturally useless. Also consider its power consumption. There are also a lot of energy-saving appliances that are very popular. This kind of kitchen appliances can save a lot of power and is very worth buying.
4, environmental protection
The kitchen in the family is the main source of pollution, the environmental protection of kitchen and bathroom appliances is particularly important, whether it is important to have health and environmental protection functions, so when buying kitchen appliances, whether to It has the option of energy saving and loss reduction.
In the purchase of kitchen and bathroom appliances, according to your own needs, choose the right one for your own use, in addition to pay attention to the function and appearance of the product, energy saving, environmental protection, but also pay special attention to the overall kitchen electric matching, color, style The style tends to be consistent, and choosing a kitchen and bathroom that is satisfactory can make life more colorful.