How to install bathroom appliances?

2017-12-04 Luensha

If there is a gas pipe, the toilet can be fitted with a gas water heater. The gas water heater is relatively economical, and the water is fast, that is, it is open, and the amount of water is large. The downside is that it is not safe enough. Therefore, many people will choose electric water heaters. So, how to install the bathroom appliances? Below, please contact LUENSHA kitchen and bathroom appliances to find out! 


Due to its damp environment, the bathroom will be more waterproof than other areas. There are many other requirements. Don’t underestimate these, you may accidentally ignore it. As a result, the service life and safety of electrical appliances have decreased. Then, how to install the bathroom appliances?
1. The upper part of the bathroom water heater must not have electric power lines, electrical equipment and flammable materials. The horizontal clearance of water heaters and electrical equipment should be more than 300 mm, and there should be no less than 200 around it. Safety clearance of millimeters. The water heater should not be sealed in the cabinet. If the water heater is installed in the cabinet or closet, it cannot supply sufficient combustion air. The result is incomplete combustion, which causes the carbon monoxide in the waste smoke to increase, resulting in poisoning accidents. Secondly, when the water heater is working. The generated radiant heat can not be dissipated, affecting the service life of the water heater, or even a fire; it is not convenient to maintain and repair the gas water heater in the cabinet. Gas pipes should be clearly installed. Gas pipes connected to gas water heaters should be galvanized pipes, and rubber hoses should not be used for connection.
2, bathroom gas water heater can only be installed in outdoor, veranda, balcony, ventilated kitchen or non-residential room, but it is strictly prohibited to install in the bedroom, basement, bathroom (except balanced gas water heater), stairs Near the safety exit (unrestricted 5 meters away), storage of flammable and explosive materials, rooms with corrosive media, electrical wiring and electrical equipment. The room using the fashion water heater cannot be connected to the bathroom and the bedroom to form a large confined space, because the use of the water heater under such conditions is more dangerous, not only affecting the safety of the bather, but also affecting other people in the room, especially When the water heater is used continuously, if the environment is not well ventilated, it will easily cause a vicious accident in which the family is poisoned at the same time.
3, the installation height of the bathroom water heater is similar to the height of the water hole of the water heater and the height of the human eye, generally 1.5 meters from the ground, the distance from the ceiling of the exhaust pipe should be greater than 600 mm.
4, the bathroom water heater should be installed on the refractory wall, the net distance from the wall should be greater than 20 mm, when installed on a non-refractory wall, should be padded insulation board, insulation board should be more than each side of the water heater The outer casing size is 10 cm.
5, bathroom water heaters should use high-quality brand-name products, do not buy low-quality products for their own troubles. The source type and gas type of the water heater nameplate must be the same as the gas source type and gas type used. Also pay attention to water pressure and gas supply.
6, the bathroom gas water heater installation unit must apply to the local town gas management department, after passing the examination and obtain the registration certificate, before the water heater installation, and the installer must be certified to work; you need to install the water heater, Personnel with qualifications for installation and construction of gas burners shall be assigned special personnel and installed according to relevant technical specifications.