How to choose kitchen appliances? What should I pay attention to when buying an integrated stove?

2019-04-04 Luensha

With the continuous development of the kitchen appliance industry, the integrated stove has entered the public's field of vision, and quickly replaced the traditional kitchen electric power to become the preferred product of the family kitchen. The root cause is that the installation is more labor-saving, the space is more economical, and the function is more powerful!


Installation is more labor-saving
Traditional kitchen appliances are installed. The hood of the hood must be perforated in the wall. If the position of the vent hole on the wall does not match the position of the hood you are hanging, Then you need to re-punch.  
The installation of the cooker requires a tabletop cutting to fully embed the cooktop, and there is also a problem of marble countertop waste caused by cutting problems.
The integrated stove only needs to keep the size, and after the decoration is finished, it will be installed! Compared to traditional kitchens, the installation of the integrated stove is more suitable for the efficiency of modern people.  
More space savings
The integrated stove is an integrated kitchen appliance that combines a hood, a cooker and a sterilizer (steamer), compared to traditional kitchen appliances. The machine + cooker + disinfection cabinet requires separate space for placement, and the integrated stove saves kitchen space on a large scale.
  In addition to disinfection and drying, the integrated cabinet's disinfection cabinet can also be used for storage, which provides convenience for kitchen storage.
More powerful
We have found that households using traditional kitchen appliances often cannot completely solve the problem of soot. The scattered fumes always make our kitchen full of grease and every When cooking, the noise of the hood is very large. The integrated stove is just the opposite. Not only can it not run smoke; the noise nuisance is completely solved, and the integrated stove also has disinfection drying (steam box). ) and other functions.
After understanding the advantages of integrated stoves, many families have begun to choose integrated stoves, but in the large integrated stove market, what kind of integrated stove products should be selected?
In fact, it is very simple to choose the integrated stove,
just look at one point <safe”!
Kitchen safety is our biggest concern. It is related to the safety of the whole family. Therefore, when choosing an integrated stove, it must be based on safety.
In the large integrated stove market, the integrated stove from the most basic safety functions are: flameout protection, timed flameout; better point will match the firewall, anti-dry.
LUENSHA safety integrated stove is based on the safety hazard of the kitchen, professionally created for the safety of the kitchen.  
LUENSHA kitchen and toilet appliances divide the kitchen safety into five major parts: gas safety, electrical safety, air safety, environmental safety and design safety;
for gas leakage, electrical leakage, air quality, kitchen fumes, etc. Safety issues have been developed: one-button linkage, air purification, turbocharging, one-button hot melt and smart washing!
Through this series of security features to protect the personal safety of users, improve the quality of life of users' kitchen!
Professional matters are given to professional people. If you are concerned about the safety of your kitchen, then you must purchase LUENSHA safety integrated stove!