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USA LUENSA (Group) Co., Ltd.

USA LUENSA GROUP INC was born in Colorado, which has the title of the century in the United States. The LUENSA Group of the United States is the headquarters of LUENSA Electric (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. LUENSHA is dedicated to the research, development, production and sales of household kitchen and bathroom appliances. It is committed to providing safe, durable and cost-effective kitchen and bathroom appliances to the general consumers around the world. The company is people-oriented, market-oriented, and pursues product technology. Progress and innovation are the core, and the quality is accurate as the yardstick to show people a better life technology.
“LUENSA” not only has global international warranty service, but also provides “three-one-one-for-one” VIP after-sales service, which provides free design, free commissioning (material cost), and 24-hour 400 free service consultation. The free replacement service for the whole machine quality problem within one year allows consumers to truly experience the noble, fast and all-round service.
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Elegant shape, Superb in heart

Constantly innovate, constantly challenge ourselves, strive to be a superior self, because of strength, so high-end.
Elegant shape, Superb in heart